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07/01/2013FY14 BudgetAnnual Operating Budget
07/01/2014FY15 BudgetAnnual Operating Budget
07/01/2015FY16 BudgetAnnual Operating Budget
07/01/2016FY17 BudgetAnnual Operating Budget
07/01/2017FY18 BudgetAnnual Operating Budget
07/01/2018FY19 BudgetAnnual Operating Budget
02/26/2016FY17-21 Proposed Capital PlanCapital Improvement Plan (CIP)
06/30/2012FY12 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
06/30/2013FY13 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
06/30/2014FY14 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
06/30/2015FY15 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
06/30/2016FY16 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
06/30/2017FY17 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
06/30/2018FY18 AuditComprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs)
2018Bridgeport 2020: A Vision for the FutureMaster Plan
06/06/2012GO Bonds 2012 Series AOfficial Statements
06/27/2012GO Refunding Bonds 2012 Series BOfficial Statements
06/28/2013GO Refunding Bonds 2013 Series AOfficial Statements
08/21/2014GO Bonds 2014 Series AOfficial Statements
11/06/2014GO Tax Anticipation Notes 2014 Series B & GO Refunding Bonds 2014 Series BOfficial Statements
03/04/2016GO Bonds 2016 Series A & GO Refunding Bonds 2016 Series B and 2016 Series COfficial Statements
10/26/2016GO Bonds Series 2016 Series D & GO Bonds (Federally Taxable) 2016 Series EOfficial Statements
11/14/2017GO Bonds Series 2017 Series A, Series B & Series COfficial Statements
12/05/2017GO Bonds (Federally Taxable) Series 2017 Series DOfficial Statements
05/31/2018GO Refunding Bonds 2018 Series A and 2018 Series BOfficial Statements
06/20/2018GO Bonds, 2018 Series COfficial Statements
01/31/2019GO Bonds 2019 Series A & GO Bonds (Federally Taxable) 2019 Series BOfficial Statements
10/19/2016Moody's Rating Report October 2016Rating Reports
10/19/2016S&P Rating Report October 2016Rating Reports
11/15/2016Fitch Rating Report November 2016Rating Reports
11/02/2017Moody's GO Rating Report November 2017Rating Reports
11/02/2017Fitch GO Rating Report November 2017Rating Reports
11/02/2017S&P GO Rating Report November 2017Rating Reports
05/21/2018Fitch Rating Report May 2018Rating Reports
01/23/2019Fitch Rating Report January 2019Rating Reports
01/23/2019S&P Rating Report January 2019Rating Reports